Background on our global responsibility

We have reported our responsible business practices to the community for the past 42 years as a way of demonstrating the many ways our business performance reflects our values.

These four blogs offer a deeper look at what drives our effort to be the most reputable company in America.

 General Mills 2012 CSR report  95 percent of americans don't get enough whole grain

Global Responsibility 2012
by Kim Nelson
I’m pleased to share with you our 2012 Global Responsibility report. It is posted on, as well as a video overview of our commitment

Perspective on CSR: Jeff Harmening
by Kevin Hunt
Today, we continue our series of posts designed to provide more context into corporate social responsibility at General Mills, with Jeff Harmening, president of the Big G cereals division at General Mills.

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The impact of global responsibility
by Catherine Gunsbury
While the idea of corporate social responsibility has evolved considerably in recent years, General Mills has long held the belief that doing “well” for our shareholders goes hand in hand with doing “well” for our consumers, our communities and the planet.

Perspective on CSR: John Machuzick
by Kevin Hunt
As president of General Mills Bakeries & Foodservice, John Machuzick works closely with many of our customers. From retailers to restaurants, to convenience stores, vending businesses, bakeries and schools, John knows exactly what those customers need from General Mills.


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